World-Class Body Chemistry Expert from Australia, Olympian Mindset And Behavioral Implementation Coach from London, And Kristina Hess Invite You To… 

The RBTI Workshop:
Discover The Exact Steps You Need To Take
To Achieve “Perfect Health” 

Brilliant mathematician, ​​biochemist and agricultural scientist Carey Reams figured out the secret for eliminating 100% of the guesswork in nutrition and health—and unlocking “perfect health,” and the RBTI Workshop shares his life-saving health secrets with you.

Hi friend,

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to achieve “perfect health?”

Where your metabolism fires effectively… Your energy brims with vibrance… You feel ALIVE each and every day that passes… You shed a few pounds of unwanted fat… And you experience a complete and total return to your vitality?

Did you ever even think that achieving “perfect health” is possible? Probably not, right? Well, that’s why I wrote this letter—because I have good news:

Not Only Is “Perfect Health” Possible,
But It’s Easier Than You Think!

Let me explain…

This idea started on a cold, winter day in 1931. There was a brilliant mathematician, ​​biochemist and agricultural scientist named Dr. Carey Reams. His claim to fame (besides his revolutionary RBTI Method) is being personal friends and an apprentice to Albert Einstein at Stanford.
And on this day in 1931, he realized that humans could, in fact, reach perfect health!

Here’s what happened:

There was an unlucky family in Reams’s neighborhood whose son suffered from epilepsy… Or so they thought. Since they were familiar with Reams’s biochemistry studies, they decided to see if Reams could help their son.

While examining their epileptic son, Reams developed a “formula” for creating optimal, perfect health in the human body. Reams studied this same phenomenon on plants his entire career, before the epileptic child needed help. According to Reams’s theory, he believed that bodily fluids—particularly urine and saliva—could provide valuable insights for a human’s overall health. This led Reams to start experimenting with urine and saliva samples to gain a deeper understanding into the body’s chemistry—and paved the way for achieving “perfect health” in a human body.

Through his research, he identified a unique set of measurements including pH, conductivity, and sugar levels, which reflected the balance of minerals and other substances in the body. After perfecting his “weird” formula, Dr. Carey Reams went back to the epileptic child, and applied his theory to him.

And that’s when his revolutionary RBTI Method was born…


After analyzing the epileptic child’s urine and saliva, he realized something critical that all the child’s doctors before missed:

                      The Child Was NOT Epileptic, He Had Extreme Low Blood Sugar!
             His Epileptic Symptoms Were Caused By Low Sugar Problems, Not Epilepsy!

It turns out, the epileptic child had a pancreas malfunction, not epilepsy. That’s when Dr. Carey Reams, following his RBTI Formula for perfect health, developed the perfect diet for the boy, which would rebalance the various mineral numbers in Reams’s formula…

…and the child never had an epileptic episode again!

Here’s what that means for you and your health:

While this is an extreme example, Reams took this evidence and over the course of his life, applied the same RBTI Formula to hundreds of thousands of people, and helped them achieve…

                                                             Perfect Health!

And now, I want to help you do the same.

Hi, my name is Kristina Hess, MS, CNS, LDN, CHC. I’ve been a professional nutritionist for over a decade, and when I first learned about Reams and his RBTI Method, I was blown away. Never in my nutritional education have I heard of this idea of achieving “perfect health,” and yet, in 1931, Dr. Carey Reams developed such a system.

Now, you may be thinking, “Kristina, I don’t have epilepsy, so how could this benefit me?”
And that’s where the magic of RBTI comes in:

Reams’s RBTI Method is NOT about just helping epileptic children. No, his system works for EVERYBODY—including you and me.

How is this possible?

Well, thanks to his strict adherence to biochemistry, Reams’s RBTI Method can figure out EXACTLY what ails you, which minerals are imbalanced in your system (and causing your less than ideal health), then, based on your unique data, he can create a personalized, 1-to-1 diet which will rebalance anything “off” in your body and help you achieve perfect health.

While it may sound too good to be true, it’s helped hundreds of thousands of Dr. Reams’s personal patients, and many hundreds of thousands more through Dr. Reams’s apprentices—one such apprentice is Phillip Rankin, but more on him in a second.

Best part?

It’s not as complicated as it seems. Dr. Carey Reams already did the “hard work” for you—his “perfect numbers” formula describes what Perfect Human Health looks like. All you have to do is reach your “perfect numbers,” and perfect health comes as a result.

I can hear what you’re thinking in your head… “But Kristina, if this guy figured out a formula for perfect human health, why haven’t I heard about it yet?”

Well, the truth is that Reams encountered pushback from the scientific community. Stuffy scientists didn’t want to look bad in front of the populace—and a biophysicist creating the perfect formula for human health made them look bad.

Not to mention…

Even though Dr. Reams created a formula for perfect health, how everyone reaches the perfect numbers can look totally different. A different diet protocol gets prescribed to each individual person — and that simply doesn’t jive with the current state of nutrition where we want to squeeze all square pegs into one round hole.

I’m just beginning to implement RBTI into my practice so I’m far from an expert. Which is why I’m SO excited that my instructor, Phillip Rankin is willing to do come all the way from Australia and stop here in CT to run a workshop.

Phillip has been working closely with Betty Reams (Dr Reams’ daughter) to impart this important information to the world. Phillip has been using RBTI with his clients for the past 14 years.

Which leads me to the “meat” of this letter:

I’m Hosting An RBTI Workshop
With RBTI Expert, Phillip Rankin,
And Olympian Mindset Coach, Annemarie Munk,
So You Can Discover The Exact Steps You Need To Take
To Achieve Perfect Health Along With World-Class Mindset Training
So You Can Implement It After The Workshop—
No Matter What Health Problems Bother You Today!

Phillip Rankin

RBTI Expert

Annemarie Munk

Olympian Mindset Coach

At our workshop, Phillip will show you how to achieve PERFECT HEALTH through RBTI.
Phillip is the founder of Balance Energy Australia. He pioneered “Health by the Numbers” based on Reams’s RBTI Method, and for the past 14 years, he’s worked with many aspects of human performance and recovery by balancing the body chemistry, helping people with several aspects of human health, including (but not limited to)...

  • Life-threatening health issues
  • ​Expectant mothers
  • ​Weight issues
  • Anxiety and depression
  • ​Fatigue 
  • ​Sports performance and recovery 
  • ​Children’s health ​And more… 

His “Health by the Numbers” system, based on Dr. Carey Reams’s RBTI Method, is a system of urine and saliva analysis that unlocks remarkable insights into the body…

…and paves the way for you achieving perfect health!

Phillip’s analysis has changed the lives of many after demos in wellness forums, gyms, trains, planes, cafes, hospitals, and health clinics across the world. Besides helping others achieve perfect health, Phillip also lectures—both in Australia, his native country, and internationally —training practitioners and students in-clinic and online (myself included!). 

Phillip also developed a “real time” proprietary software that shares his “Health by the Numbers” system in a simple application in real time on a software platform. This software has reached some of the most elite athletes in the world including…

  • ​Super V8 Racing Car drivers
  • ​Surfing champions in Australia and at the US Open Surf Championships in 2019
  • ​A BMX World Junior silver medallists 
  • ​Olympic archers
  • ​Amateur boxer 
  • ​National soccer players

Not to mention, he’s trained health practitioners on his “Health by the Numbers” system too, including Allopathic and Naturopathic Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Kinesiologists,
Acupuncturists, Medical Intuitives, and in hospitals… just to name a few.

(NOTE: The body chemistry method does NOT treat or look to name any illness or disease. Simply by testing urine and saliva analysis with scientific instruments to determine how far away from “perfect” enables an accurate suggestion to find the deficiencies in the body to improve health. There is no guessing.)

And now, he wants to share his revolutionary “Health by the Numbers” system with you.

Before I share the details of my RBTI Workshop with you, let me tell you a quick story about Phillip and how his system saved his youngest son’s life…

Knowing How To Achieve “Perfect Health” Is Only Half The Battle—
That’s Why I Also Invited An Olympian Mindset
And Behavior Implementation Coach To The RBTI Workshop
To Help You Implement This Life-Changing Information
Long After You Leave The Workshop

Annemarie Munk is a former Olympian, coach and mentor who specializes in performance mindsets and lifestyles.

Where Phillip will give you the scientific and chemistry side to help you understand the EXACT steps you need to achieve “Perfect Health…”

Annemarie will give you the psychological insights you need to implement Phillip’s life-saving secrets… to move past sabotaging behaviors and mental blocks by analyzing out mental maps… to build resistance and improve your response to stress… and to alter your perception, so better outcomes come by default.

Phillip will give you the tools you need to achieve “Perfect Health,” and Annemarie will help you go “under your own hood” to understand why you do the things you do, so you can take Phillip’s “Health by the Numbers” system to your home and implement it for yourself… for your spouse… and for your children (if you have any).

So, who’s Annemarie Munk anyway?

Besides being an Olympic athlete who competed in four events in the 1998 Summer Olympics, she’s also one of the world’s best performance mindset coaches and mentors who has guided several top-tier athletes to World Championships.

She deeply understands the modern pressures and challenges everyone faces today, in a world that glorifies being busy and overlooks self-care. Her strategies and tools help World Champion athletes achieve groundbreaking success—without compromising their well-being…

And She’s Eager To Share These
“World Champion” Mindset Strategies With You!

By combining mental skills training with performance lifestyle coaching and mindful movement, Annemarie guides her clients towards sustainable success to… 

  • ​Cultivate resilience against the endless pressures and stresses of modern life 
  • ​Enhance everyday performance towards living successful, fulfilling, and joyful lives 
  • ​Unlock the best version of themselves each and every day

How Phillip Rankin’s “Health by the Numbers” System
Saved His Youngest Son’s Life

The culmination of all Phillip’s knowledge and passion was put to the test in December 2019 when his youngest son experienced a traumatic brain injury in Bali.

A 4 am phone call jolted Phillip out of bed, scurrying to book a flight to Bali to be by his son’s side with his instruments in hand. Phillip conducted his “Health by the Numbers” test during a critical moment in his son’s life-threatening situation.

After conducting his tests, he first realized his son needed to be hydrated—and they corrected his hydration numbers under strict observation by ICU doctors. Once this was completed, his son had to follow 3 years of an intense rehab and nutritional program, designed by Phillip.
The result? 

3 Years Later, Phillip’s Youngest Son Is A “Mini-Miracle” 
Because Phillip’s System Helped Him With 
“The Worst Brain Injury In 22 Years at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney”
Recover Against All Expectations!

Phillip credits the body chemistry analysis—the same one Dr. Carey Reams created in 1931, and the same one Phillip will demonstrate for you, in person, at my RBTI Workshop in August—for saving his son’s life, for rebuilding his son’s body and his brain.

Before we get into the details of the RBTI workshop… and before I introduce Annemarie Munk, a world-class mindset coach and former Olympian, let me share one more story with you about how powerful Phillip’s “Health by the Numbers” system is.

For the past 6 months, I’ve studied directly under Phillip Rankin. And this 6 months of study was well worth it because one day…

A Client Walked Into My Office
With Heart Palpitations, Anxiety, Overwhelm,
And Sodium Levels So High That I Was Terrified
She Would Have A Heart Attack As Soon As She Left My Office

But my 6 months of studying under Phillip Rankin literally saved her life.

Here’s why: 

When this client walked into my office—she seemed flustered and overwhelmed and told me her heart was racing.. So, I ran tests on her urine and saliva and was very distressed by the level of sodium in her urine. It indicated that she would have a heart attack within DAYS if she didn’t turn her hydration around. In fact, Carey Reams was well known for predicting heart attacks based on these numbers.

Well, after discovering that her sodium levels were in the “Heart Attack Zone,” I told her to make one change so simple that anyone could do it.

The reason her sodium levels were so high wasn’t because she wasn’t drinking enough water!

Her Sodium Levels Were So High
Because She Was Chronically Dehydrated!

The solution? 

I told her that she was a heart attack waiting to happen, and that she NEEDED to properly hydrate her body, or she could lose her life.

She listened to my advice, and started hydrating the proper way (which is something you’ll discover when you come to the RBTI Workshop).

And guess what?

She walked back into my office, just a mere 4 days later, and she was GLOWING. Her appearance had a complete reversal… and when I tested her again, her sodium levels were almost in the “Perfect Zone!”

Thanks to Phillip Rankin’s “Health by the Numbers” system, this client…  

Went From Being A Heart Attack Waiting To Happen—
To Having Near Perfect Sodium Levels
In Only 4 Short Days!

She didn’t have to adjust her diet…

She didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive supplements…

She didn’t even have to exercise to accomplish this miraculous feat!

The only thing she needed to do was hydrate properly following the same exact hydration method Phillip will show you if you come to my RBTI Workshop in August.

That’s how powerful this approach to health is!
Now, you’re probably thinking that this is going to cost you an arm and a leg. Or that it’ll be impossible to take what you learn in a couple days and apply it to your life, so you can achieve “perfect health” long after you leave the workshop.

So… when is the in-person RBTI Workshop?

Now, you’re probably wondering how much this RBTI Workshop will cost. Not only does this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity bring Phillip Rankin all the way from Australia, but it also brings Annemarie Munk all the way from London to your neck of the woods… And so, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that this RBTI Workshop would cost upwards of $10,000 (which is the price each of these expert guests can get on their own…)

Not to mention, usually for a wellness retreat like this, you’d have to drive hours and hours away (the closest being at the Omega Institute, which is at least a 3-hour roundtrip).

But here’s the good news:

Coming to the RBTI Workshop won’t cost $5,000… or @2,500…

Here’s why:

Well, to start, Philip, Annemarie, and I are hosting a

A Completely FREE InfoSession
On Tuesday, August 8th From 6-7:30 pm In My Office

(30 Old Kings Hwy South in Darien, CT; Main Conference room)
Please take advantage of this FREE InfoSession—it will help you decide whether or not this truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity makes sense for you.

But the FREE InfoSession isn’t the only “session” we’re holding:
In fact, we’re holding two sessions after the FREE InfoSession:

(1) A two-day WEEKDAY session (includes lunch)
(2) And a three-day, two-night WEEKEND session (includes lunch and other bonuses)

Let’s first discuss the two-day WEEKDAY session…

The Two-Day Weekday Workshop Happens On
Wednesday, August 9th & Thursday, August 10th
At The Breathtaking St. Birgitta's By The Sea

Each session for the two-day weekday RBTI Workshop with Phillip Rankin, Annemarie Munk, and myself starts at 10 am and ends by 4 pm, and includes lunch both days.

This two-day event will help you make IMMEDIATE changes in your health—that could, quite literally, save your life.

And that’s the best part about Phillip’s “Health by the Numbers” system: His system is a beautiful mix of using science to optimize your body chemistry in real time. Which means…

You Will Experience Instantaneous Results!

Remember that story I told you about my client who went from being a heart attack waiting to happen to achieving near perfect sodium levels in just four days?

That’s an EXTREME example. Your results will likely happen much, much quicker.
 In fact, I’m confident that when you leave the session at 4 pm on Thursday, you will feel like you’ve finally had the health BREAKTHROUGH you’ve been waiting for.

And, in the unlikely chance that you don’t completely reverse any health problems you face right now in the 2-day event… Annemarie’s mindset coaching will keep you motivated and inspired when you get home on Thursday evening to continue implementing Phillip’s life-saving “Health by the Numbers” system.
So, how much will it cost?
Before I reveal the price… let me ask you something:
How much are you willing to pay to achieve “Perfect Health?”

Where your health issues are addressed by bringing your body chemistry back into balance—long before an unexpected medical expense blindsides you…

Where you feel empowered that, yes, you CAN achieve “Perfect Health” from using science-backed tools…

Where you can improve your habits—without self-sabotaging… 

Where you can understand how to get real answers to your BIGGEST and SCARIEST health problems in real time with regular RBTI measurements that keep your health in “Perfect” condition…

Where you can finally move past sabotaging behaviors and mental blocks…

Where you can build resilience and strength in the face of stress…

Where you can LOSE WEIGHT so effortlessly it feels like you’re cheating… 

Where you can ditch your anxiety and depression at the event, where it can NEVER haunt you again…
Where you feel alive and energized each and every day instead of soul-crushing fatigue…

Where you can understand the ins and outs of your body’s chemistry, and get rid of arthritis and chronic pain

Where you can use science-backed methods to address ADD/ADHD and unlock a deeper sense of focus and clarity than you’ve ever before experienced…

And perhaps most important of all…

Where you discover a plan that works for every person in your family—young or old—to help them also achieve “Perfect Health…”

Your Health Is Your Single Most Important Asset…

…without it, all the money in the world doesn’t matter. But that doesn’t mean that this RBTI Workshop will cost you an arm and a leg either…
In fact, I challenge you to find something that will improve your health, longevity, and joy more than this will for the price…

Because the Two-Day Weekday RBTI Workshop won’t cost you $10,000… $5,000… $1,000… or even $500. No, it’s much more cost effective than that…

This Once-In-A-Lifetime Two-Day Weekday RBTI Workshop
Where You Will Completely Rebalance Your Body
And Achieve “Perfect Health”
Only Costs $250!

Ready to discover the science-backed strategies that will empower you to achieve “Perfect Health” in just two days?


This Once-In-A-Lifetime
Three-Day, Two-Night Weekend RBTI Workshop
Where You Will Completely Rebalance Your Body
And Achieve “Perfect Health” (Among Several Other Fun Bonuses)
Will Only Cost You $1,497!

  • ​Room for the entire weekend ($700.00 value) 
  • Meals for the entire weekend ($450 value) 
  • ​Expeditions ($500 value) 
  • ​Your own RBTI Kit ($350 value) 
  • ​Workshop time on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ($2,000 value)

With those “perks” alone, this should cost at least $4,000.00…