OBX Wellness Retreat

May 15 - 19, 2022

led by Kristina Hess, M.S., CNS, LDN

Exclusive Wellness Getaway
In The Stunning Outer Banks of North Carolina

Complete with healthy, light, and delicious meals, in-house massage, walks along the water on breathtaking beaches, health workshops, and some much-needed relaxation and fun.

Eat clean, low carb meals

prepared by Kristina herself

Workshop Time

Boost healthy habits & reduce stress with these powerful tools I'll teach you.  


May 15 - 19, 2022

Last summer, I was hosting a weekend in Vermont with two of my girlfriends. I cooked all the meals and took them on hikes, shopping and toured them around to some beautiful spots. As we were talking in the hot tub, one of my friends said, “This is such a wellness getaway with you. I feel refreshed and restored and rejuvenated. You should really host something like this for your clients.”
Instead of laughing this off, it sparked an idea...

What if I could rent out a luxurious home in a stunning location and lead a wellness retreat where I could FINALLY cook meals for some of my clients, and provide some much needed stress relief from the day-to-day?

That little idea is what brought you to this page.

Not only can I cook up the healthiest and most delicious meals you’ve ever eaten, but I can also show you that cooking nourishing and tasty meals isn’t as difficult as you’re making it.


I want to improve your health and wellness in the most entertaining way possible. With in-house massage, hot-tub and sauna sessions to melt the stress off your shoulders and release toxins from your body. With workshops on energy, resilience and habits, so you can recharge your body and reignite your passion for health and wellbeing. With walks along the water, gentle hiking trips (OBX is one of the most underrated hiking locations in the U.S.), and more fun than you ever thought possible while improving your health and wellness.

And so…

The Outer Banks Wellness Getaway was born.

And I’m inviting you to join!

These past couple of years have been some of the toughest of our lives — especially for health and wellness enthusiasts. The pandemic shut everything down and wrecked our routines. Our collective mental health is at an all-time low, and we haven’t done nearly as many fun things as we had before the pandemic.
Not to mention the elephant in the room:

We’re all suffering from fatigue in some way!

Working on your health goals can be exhausting. Tracking each and every calorie. Exercising 5, 6, or even 7 times a week. Making sure you’re getting enough sleep, so you can tackle your busy, stress-filled life.

But there’s a “hidden” type of fatigue lurking in the psyche of the general population….

Mental fatigue!

The constant hustle-and-bustle leads to burnout. When burnout strikes, you replace your good habits with DoorDash, UberEats or pizza delivery. Stress accelerates this burnout. It can become so severe that you just want to give up on all your health goals for good!

That’s the bad news.

The good news?

Fun and connection is the antidote to burnout…

…and nothing’s more fun than spending a couple of days in the gorgeous setting of OBX on a wellness retreat that is restorative, relaxing, educational and fun!

I’ll take care of all the things that make your life more difficult when trying to improve your health.

Some of these things include:

* Preparing and cooking light, healthy, and delicious meals.

* Bringing in a massage therapist, so you can receive an in-house massage while you’re here.

* Teaching you “The Resilience Advantage,” a powerful Heartmath workshop that helps you leave more energized, excited, and relaxed than when you arrived at our lavish retreat.

* Building up your good habits with "The Tiny Habits Method” without overwhelming you or burning you out, so you can enjoy even more success when you get back home.

Taking you on fun excursions as we explore the breathtaking scenery the Outer Banks has to offer.

I’m planning to make this the most restorative, relaxing, and healthy wellness getaway you’ve ever been on! And I have no doubt that you'll agree. 

But here’s the thing…

This is the first time I’m doing something like this. If it’s successful, I plan on hosting more events like this in the future.
Unfortunately, I can’t take very many of you. It’s going to be exclusive.

This waterfront mansion has 6 bedrooms:
 2 King, 3 Queen, 1 room with 3 twin beds and is located next to Historic Carolla Park.

Here is the plan

You fly in on Sunday, May 15th, and you fly out on Thursday, May 19th.
During your time there, I’m going to lead two workshop sessions…

Workshop Day 1: The Resilience Advantage – Let’s Address Your Stress

Resilience is the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity. Think of your resilience as the amount of energy you have stored in your “inner battery.” This is energy you have available to use not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

When you have a high level of resilience (or a fully charged inner battery), staying calm, thinking clearly, and controlling your emotions is easy-peasy. You can “roll with the punches” life throws at you and flow through challenges like running water. Your stress diminishes and your energy fills up — instead of getting stressed out when life happens and further draining your energy reserves.

Your inner battery works like a drained car battery. When it’s depleted, you can’t “tap” into energy when you need it. This makes it almost impossible to be at your best and respond well in tough (and even ordinary) situations. And it morphs into a vicious downward spiral that drains your energy more and more.
During this workshop, I’ll show you simple and easy ways to plug energy “leaks,” so situations and interactions don’t deplete you. Plugging energy leaks not only sustains your reserves, but builds them up — so you have more energy each and every day.

You’ll discover powerful tools to restore your inner battery no matter what life throws at you.

Afternoon excursion: 

We will complete our day by heading over to Historic Carolla Park, visiting the lighthouse and watching the Sunset at The Whalehead.

The distinctive mustard yellow Whalehead in Historic Corolla has been an icon on the Outer Banks scene since it was first built in the 1920s as an opulent, private retreat, and has easily become one of the region's favorite attractions since it was opened to the public in 2002.

Workshop Day 2: The Tiny Habits Method – Rewrite and Rewire your Habits

Habits are the most important “ingredient” for both short-term and long-term success. This is why 90% of people who lose weight gain it back.

Diets don’t factor in habits because most people making money off you from their new diet idea don’t care about your long-term results.

Only 3 things change your behavior in the long term:
Option A: Have an epiphany
Option B: Change your environment
Option C: Take baby steps

Forcing yourself to have an epiphany is difficult at best, and downright impossible at worst. So we can rule out Option A — unless you have magical powers, or the time to live in a Himalayan Cave (which I don’t, and doubt you do either).
But Option B and Option C are practical. They lead to long term, lasting change if you follow the right program.
But here’s the problem with that…

Few winning programs exist, and you can spend half of your life searching before you stumble on it.
After decades of research and exploration, I have found perhaps the best behavior change program in existence.
Best part?

It uses our innate human psychology to prefer laziness… meaning, it won’t overwhelm you or make creating better habits more difficult than it has to be. And it’s simple enough a toddler could follow along with ease.

This program is called:
Tiny Habits®.

Students of the Tiny Habits® method have sprung into action on projects they’ve put on the back burners for YEARS. It’s helped others land promotions and grow in their career. It reinforces your innate confidence levels. And it’s even helped people quit their most addictive habits — like smoking, junk food, social media, and even drinking!

Despite the simple methodology, Tiny Habits makes a MASSIVE impact in your life.

During this session, we’ll design empowering habits and rituals for your own unique life. I’ll show you how easy it is.

Day 3: Having Good, Old-Fashioned Fun

We only have two workshop days — one on Monday and another on Tuesday.

In between these two workshop days, we will still have plenty of time to relax.

We will take a stroll through Duck Town Park & Boardwalk.

At just 11 acres in size, the Duck Town Park packs a lot of outdoor entertainment and incredible natural landscapes within a small, soundside locale. The park is an engaging destination for nature lovers of all varieties, including bird watchers, water lovers, walkers and joggers, and anyone just looking for a cool, breezy destination off the beach, and features picnic shelters, shaded gazebos, and plenty of hiking trails that lead through the maritime forest. Best of all, the Duck Town Park serves as the launching point for the expansive waterfront boardwalk which meanders along, and even hovers over, the miles-wide Currituck Sound, providing incredible sunset views and some of the best bird watching opportunities in the northern Outer Banks.

Most people overlook The Outer Banks of North Carolina as a place for great hiking. While they don’t have tall mountains to climb, they do have some of the tallest sand dunes on the east coast and some of the best hidden hiking trails too.
While you are in OBX… you have options to:

Go Boutique Shopping:

Avid shoppers can take advantage of the multitude of shops that can be found throughout the towns of Duck and Corolla. In Duck, visitors will enjoy plenty of centralized parking and easy walking-distance access to a number of quaint and coastal plazas, like the Waterfront Shops, the Osprey Landing Shops, and the town's famed Scarborough Faire. Not to be undone, there are plenty of plazas to be found in neighboring Corolla too, including the Timbuck II Shopping Village and the Corolla Monteray Plaza Shopping Center. Browsers will find that all of the shopping centers in both towns feature coastal art galleries, summer clothing boutiques and surf shops, gift shops and jewelry stores, coffee shops and bookstores, and a wealth of other locally owned establishments with one-of-a-kind and distinctive treasures.

Explore Carova in a 4x4 Vehicle

There are few beaches along the East Coast that are as rustic, desolate and isolated as the 11 miles of shoreline that lies just north of Corolla. The Carova area, also known informally as the "4WD Beaches," can only be accessed by a 4WD drive vehicle. Here there are virtually no distractions apart from the miles of undeveloped seashore. This region is known for its occasional visits by the local wild horses, and you can always take the time to spread out a beach towel and practice some grounding.

You will eat healthy, laugh, play, and learn.

This Wellness Getaway “Mini-Vacation” includes everything except your travel (plane/rental car/uber)

What is included?

  • ​4-night stay at waterfront mansion in Corolla, OBX             
  • ​3X/day home-cooked, healthy, and mouthwatering meals
  • Final evening dinner out on the town                                      
  • ​Optional, in-house massage at our AirBnb                             
  • ​The "Resilience Advantage System" Workshop                        
  • ​The "Tiny Habits Method" Workshop                                           
  • ​Interactive Mindful eating exercises (we will do this with dessert too!) 
  • ​Rise and shine with walks along the water on gorgeous beaches
  • ​Fun & Relaxation while improving your health and wellness
Your investment?

You might think this costs $5,497 or more. 

The Resilience Advantage and Tiny Habits Method costs $2,000 each alone. And that's not even including the mansion, in-house massages, and 3 home-cooked meals a day. 

But don't worry. 

It's not even half that amount... or even half that. 

Here's your investment... 


Single occupancy


Double occupancy


2-3 Friends sharing the twin room

If you’re already IN, click on the button and sign up. Don’t DELAY — I expect these 5 spots will go lickity-split! 

Also, it’s first-come, first served on the bedrooms so I will assign rooms based on fast-action.

Here’s my guarantee to you…

Not only will you discover techniques and methods to make your life healthier, happier, and more fulfilling, but you’ll be able to carry these practices with you for the rest of your life.

When you get back home, you’ll experience:
  • Enhanced energy each and every day                                                                                          
  • ​Less stress attacking you or sapping your energy                                                                     
  •                          ​A calmer, more relaxed demeanor                                                                                                                          
  •                           ​New habits that help you in every area of you life - professional, personal, mental, and with your health
  • ​Boosted confidence and self esteem                                                                                             
  •    ​Less overwhelm when cooking healthy at home                                                                            
  •   ​A healthier relationship with food and "healthy eating"                                                                
  •    Several, priceless "mini vacation" memories that will stay with you forever                              
Sound good? Secure one of the 5 spots using the button below:

1. Do I need to purchase a plane ticket? Probably.
-The Outer Banks are quite remote and a far drive from where you live.

2. Where should I land?
-Our AirB is in Corolla. The closest airport is Norfolk, VA , so you might need to Uber, rent a car, or carpool with others in the group.. Once our group is finalized, we can coordinate those efforts.

3. Do you offer payment plans?
-If the initial 5 tickets don’t sell out as quickly as I expect, then I might consider a payment plan. But the best way to make sure you’re one of the 5 going is to purchase your full ticket today.

4. Do I have to participate in the workshops?
-No, participation is optional. This is YOUR getaway and you are coming to enjoy yourself.

5. Is everything included? 
-Yes! I’m covering everything except your travel expenses. Housing, food & massage are included.

There are only 5 spots for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Claim your spot before they sell out using the button below: